What Is Apperceptive Mess?

Learning of new ideas can never take place in isolation. An existing baseline of knowledge is required for new ideas to gain full assimilation into our consciousness. This baseline is often referred to as “apperceptive mass”.

This name of this newsletter is a cheeky wordplay of this term, and reflects my goals for it: to invite others create a “mess” of ideas in their head, and turn them over time to “mass”.

Why Subscribe?

Today’s information explosion has left us constantly consuming more and more content, without an equal effort in trying to retain this wealth of knowledge. This has led us to form disparate pockets of knowledge, and not enough time spent ruminating around the content we are exposed to.

I will curate and discuss the best content I have read throughout the week, distill them to digestible pointers. I invite you to join me in this learning journey together.

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